Why Use an Agent?

We are experts in the field of recruiting legal professionals. This has been our singular focus since 2002 and we have developed an extensive list of contacts within the profession and knowledge of the legal recruitment process itself.

Many law firms and businesses utilise us as an extension of their HR department. We provide a valuable service by sourcing and filtering potential legal candidates and ensuring businesses gain access to the best and most appropriate talent available.

For our candidates

  • By registering with a legal recruitment agency you are more likely to be contacted about suitable opportunities.
  • Our business is dependent on matching you to an appropriate opportunity.
  • Reputable recruitment agents want to create long lasting relationships with candidates and clients.
  • We aim to only place candidates in role opportunities where both parties envisage a positive and long standing relationship.

At Law Staff Legal Recruitment we support and advise you through every step of the recruitment process. From CV presentation, preparing to interview and negotiating job offers, we will advise and act in your best interests.

If you have any questions about working with Law Staff Legal Recruitment, please feel free to email us.