Reasons why you should Hire in November

Friday, October 27, 2023

November is the new January; the year is starting to wind down; your client interaction isn’t as fast-paced right now, but you are aware of what is to come in the new year, just over the horizon. You need staff and you need staff now. You have to keep in mind CVs, interviews, notice period and training. This can take weeks, if not months.

Engaging solicitors who are on 3 months' notice can be annoying to even the top legal firms, and candidates handing in their notice in November are more likely to be released end of December even if the candidate misses the office lunch, dinner, or trip down the local to celebrate, they are more likely to be invited to their new employers party where they can really meet the office clowns and enjoy the festivities.

So as the days (only 60 or so) near December and as we have just changed our clocks its darker early evening, do not wait to make that appointment until January as you may be waiting until March for the new arrival.

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