Preparing For Interviews

What happens now? 

So, you found a job that sounded ideal; written the perfect covering letter and submitted a comprehensive, well-set-out CV.  You then receive the news you are invited for an interview. The next steps are very important:

  1. Extensively research the company’s background.
  2. Assess their website content – for the way they describe themselves, their history and their goals for the future.
  3. Articulate (and make notes) about why you want this job with this firm and why they should consider you.
  4. Print off a copy of your CV to take with you. 
  5. Plan the route and estimate how long it will take you to get there (allow extra time).
  6. Make sure you are presentable.

And most of all – read our in-depth guide to interview questions! 

We have created a four part series to take you through the most commonly asked questions in interviews, the motivations behind these and how to prepare your responses. 

Part 1: The introductory questions

Part 2: Describing weaknesses and challenges you have faced

Part 3:  Exploring your maturity and how you apply yourself

Part 4: Are you right for this position?