Spotlight on... Charlotte Waters - Senior Associate Recruitment Consultant

Sunday, April 18, 2021

What are some highlights of your career at Law Staff?

I very much embrace how the company has evolved and expanded in recent years – the team has grown and developed immensely. I have become involved in managing staff and helping them to progress, so it is really rewarding to support my colleagues advance as fantastic representatives of the work we do. Having been at Law Staff since the early 2000’s, my own career has evolved alongside the business and I take pride in seeing this positive impact on my colleagues’ work lives too. The changes to the business have been significant, and I enjoy the new challenges that this expansion brings. Overall, it is incredibly rewarding to receive repeat business and this is an integral part of our success: approximately 80% of our clients are returning firms who we retain as clients. When clients come back to you time and time again, you develop a relationship where you are able to offer an excellent service tailored to their requirements which is based on a longstanding awareness of their business. I value these relationships built over time and it is equally as rewarding to forge new client connections where the process begins again.

What attracted you to work at Law Staff when you joined back in 2004?

I was at the early stage of my career when I knew that recruitment was the direction I wanted to keep moving forward in. After working in a support capacity at a headhunting firm, I made the move to a Trainee Recruitment Consultant at Law Staff. At this early stage in the company, I was greatly impressed by Marcus’ existing successful operations and his determination to grow our presence in the legal recruitment sector by focussing on quality of service and longevity of relationships.

Can you pinpoint a driver that has been integral to the success of the business?

Overall, Marcus’s own work is one of the key drivers to the business as his vision is integral to every strategic decision and the resulting increase in financial revenue that the company has seen over the years. Supporting and working alongside our MD is our team that use his leadership to drive forward daily successes and achievements. Marcus leads a happy and collaborative group of staff: as well as colleagues, we are good friends too, sharing a commitment to genuine teamwork.

What motivates you at work?

Fulfilling candidate and client needs motivates me; I am passionate about securing new positions for legal professionals as well as meeting firms’ staffing requirements. Each day is different - I could be receiving new instruction from clients, arranging candidate interviews or advising firms on the market for candidates in their legal sector, amongst many other activities. This engenders an exciting and actively progressive atmosphere. We all work together to serve our clients and secure new opportunities for our candidates.

Is there someone or something that inspires you in your daily life?

Yes, very much – my two children Oscar and Amelia. They both inspire me in what I do at work, as time outside the business is very precious. So, we take on lovely weekend activities together and go on holidays to exciting places to make memories for us as a family. We teach them that we go to work each day to support our family life, so we can provide lots of ways for them to have fun, laugh lots and just enjoy learning new ideas.

How do you spend your time outside work?

My children take up much of my time outside work, as they are involved with some brilliant activities outside school. The weekend is mostly for us to help them take part in motocross for Oscar and horse riding for Amelia.

How do you see the world of recruitment progressing in ten years?

I have seen the world of recruitment change significantly over the last 15 years and I see the future very much being a continuation of this progression where an ethos of quality over quantity is dominant. As a legal recruiter, we heavily invest in the service we provide. There is a lot going on in the background of a recruiter: the specialist staff we cultivate and train, job board advertising, promotion and marketing, to pinpoint a few areas. We have recently invested strongly in LinkedIn’s Recruiter service to address ongoing trends – I think social media and recruitment will advance together even further as the importance of everyone’s online presence grows.

To futureproof our business, we strive to demonstrate to our clients and candidates that we provide them with an upfront and honest service with a focus on quality over quantity in every new instruction. We’ve always prided ourselves on following this as a rule and will continue to do so. We want all relationships to last long into the future by meeting and exceeding expectations and tackling new challenges using our vast experience of legal recruitment.