Haneen Shuweikh - Managing Recruitment Partner

Through my role as Managing Recruitment Partner at Law Staff Legal Recruitment, I am responsible for ensuring that our organisation and Law Staff work together in a fluid manner and driving strategic initiatives. My primary purpose is to achieve success in the field of legal recruitment by devoting myself to the task of matching top-tier law applicants with famous law firms located all throughout the United Kingdom where I will be working.

In this influential role, I am in charge of locating, recruiting, and placing highly qualified legal experts among the available candidates. I am able to provide unrivalled results in talent acquisition by going beyond the usual standards of recruitment and utilising a profound awareness of the legal space.

As the Managing Recruitment Partner, I have a substantial amount of control over the formation of legal careers and the cultivation of partnerships that are mutually advantageous between great talent and premier law firms. In the realm of legal recruiting, this post exemplifies authority, strategic prowess, and an uncompromising dedication to quality. As a result, we have solidified our position as the chosen partner for both applicants and law firms.

Call me on 01954 208084 (direct dial) or 07562 313057  (work mobile).