Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy 

We at Law Staff take your Data Protection seriously. As members of APSCo and IASME we are committed to the highest level of data protection.

Law Staff Legal Recruitment gathers and uses certain information about individuals in order to deliver a number of internal and external business services.

All employees of Law Staff have a professional and legal responsibility to ensure this policy is complied with at all times.

It applies to all personal data collected and processed by Law Staff, which falls within the definition of the Data Protection Act 1998 (soon to be updated DPA 2018). These responsibilities and scope have also been aligned with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).

DPA 1998 Definition

Personal data means data which relate to a living individual who can be identified:

(a) from those data, or

(b) from those data and other information which is in the possession of, or is likely to come into the possession of, the data controller,

and includes any expression of opinion about the individual and any indication of the intentions of the data controller or any other person in respect of the individual.

This data protection policy ensures Law Staff: 

  • Complies with UK legislation on data protection and follows good practice;
  • Protects the rights of employees, customers, business contacts and suppliers; 
  • Remains open and transparent with regards to the collection, storage and use of individuals’ information; 
  • Protects itself from the risks of a data breach.

Although each and every employee has a professional and legal responsibility to ensure personal data is handled and processed in line with this policy and data protection principles, the following individuals have been assigned specific data protection duties and responsibilities:

The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for ensuring the company meets its legal obligations.

For any concerns about Data and the Security of such at Law Staff Legal Recruitment, Please Contact:


Marcus Stevens

Company Director

01954 208070