The Johnson Partnership, East Midlands

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

"When we opened The Johnson Partnership Solicitors Scunthorpe office in November 2013 we had a real sense that it was going to be difficult to recruit new experienced Defence solicitors to expand our Scunthorpe team.

We hoped that our Scunthorpe office would be able to grow in the same way that The Johnson Partnership’s Chesterfield office had developed in its early days.  Indeed, when we approached a number of recruitment agencies we were able to say that we were actively seeking experienced solicitors to join both our Scunthorpe and Chesterfield teams.

Imagine our amazement when Charlotte Waters from Law Staff came up with one solution to both problems.  Charlotte was able to put us in touch with Kirsty Sargent.  Kirsty had had years of experience with a large firm in the Home Counties but was now looking to move to the Chesterfield area to take up a new post.

As luck and coincidence would have it, Kirsty Sargent has the added advantage of having grown up in Scunthorpe.  Kirsty knows a number of local solicitors in the Scunthorpe area and has been involved in voluntary work and work experience in the Criminal Justice Service in South Humberside.

Kirsty is happy to split her time between The Johnson Partnership’s Scunthorpe office where she is working as a Duty Defence Solicitor, and the Chesterfield office, where the work is ever increasing.

Working as a Defence Solicitor in Scunthorpe and in Chesterfield Kirsty has enabled us to develop both offices through her enthusiasm, skill, and appetite for hard work.  We count ourselves very lucky to have found Kirsty and as ever are in the debt of Charlotte and Law Staff."