A J Summers Senior Partner

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

"I am providing this testimonial as Senior Partner of Wellers Law Group LLP.

By way of background, the Firm is a multi-site operation having seven offices in total with in excess of ninety staff. As a firm, we have been growing over the last eight years and therefore have had a constant need to recruit high calibre staff which includes Solicitors, other Fee Earners and also Support Staff. Law Staff has been genuinely concerned to develop a relationship with this Firm which is evidenced by members of staff coming out to visit us in our offices on several occasions. Law Staff have provided a number of high-quality candidates for us to meet and we have been successful in securing a number of those candidates onto our full-time staff. Law Staff are responsive to the need to move quickly with candidate introductions setting up initial interviews and then following through with second interviews and being involved in the negotiation process where offers are made to candidates. I do consider that Law Staff represents very good value for money and this is why although we do from time to time use other recruitment agencies, however, Law Staff are certainly our preferred choice. I have found them to be not only very responsive but also courteous, methodical with the supporting paperwork and straightforward and transparent in their approach."