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Spotlight on Sophie Francis, Recruitment Assistant

2nd December 2019


What are some highlights of your career at Law Staff?

Finishing my apprenticeship and being promoted to my current role has been very rewarding. I completed my apprenticeship earlier than necessary and ultimately gained a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration. More highlights of working at Law Staff are taking part in charity events such as the annual Legal Walk, as well as events in the office where we fundraise for a range of different charities. I enjoy contributing to these causes where we all come together as a team to help communities of people who face challenges.

What attracted you to work at Law Staff when you joined as part of our apprenticeship scheme in 2018?

Overall, I was motivated by the idea of a recruitment industry apprenticeship after reading Law Staff’s vacancy advert. Although I had previously worked in retail after finishing college, this was the early stage of my career and I knew a recruitment apprenticeship would be ideal for providing me with invaluable experience on the job, as well as a specific vocational qualification. Recruitment has always appealed to me for its purpose of helping people find jobs at what can be a stressful time for any professional. As a member of the support team, it is rewarding to work with professionals from all legal disciplines to ensure their CV accurately reflects their skills and genuine suitability for the job.

Looking back to when I started at Law Staff in 2018, I think I have benefited fully from the career progression prospects on offer and I am keen to develop further within the support side of the business. I enjoy picking up different duties and opportunities as they arise and making them a success!

Can you pinpoint a driver that has been integral to the success of the business?

Our shared commitment to working together as a team and a company is brilliant. Both administrators and consultants work hard to make sure that clients and candidates are satisfied and really benefit from our service. This dedication is visible in our loyal client base, resulting in our focus on client and candidate care driving the success of the business.

What motivates you at work?

The team – we all motivate each other, share feedback on work and celebrate achievements. Our Office Manager, Tracy, always takes the time to highlight our progress and when we deliver positive results. Also, the commission structure at Law Staff is a fantastic benefit - the support team as well as consultants receive this reward when the business reaches agreed targets.

Is there someone or something that inspires you in your daily life?

Goal setting inspires me – my partner and I are going through the process of putting the foundations in place to potentially buy a house, so we are working hard to achieve this future goal. My dad inspires me – he runs his own business which he has grown from its inception, so I take inspiration from his knowledge and dedication.

How do you spend your time outside work?

I love artistic creativity - art is a big passion of mine. I enjoy spending time creating prosthetic makeup using specific techniques. I love designing makeup effects for events, so Christmas is always a brilliant opportunity to create unique designs.

How do you see the world of recruitment progressing in ten years?

I think future developments will involve streamlining recruitment platforms and communication methods in order to improve the quality of service to clients and candidates. There will be less waffle, less platforms in general and more consolidation. Law Staff has always promoted a tailored, bespoke approach to legal recruiting, so we are already working hard to ensure job adverts and other ways of reaching out to candidates are ideally suited to each legal professional we contact.