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Reasons why you should Hire in December

8th of December 2020 | Sophie Francis 

December is the new January; the year is winding down; your client interaction isn’t as fast paced right now, but you are aware of what is to come in the new year. You need staff and you need staff now. You have to keep in mind CVs, interviews, notice period and training. This can take weeks, if not months.

January is all go, go, go!

It’s the new year, you’ve got projects planned and new goals to meet. January is one of the busiest months for most businesses. Your employees are adjusting from their holiday break, probably fatigued and are under pressure to pick up the slack from the quiet period of December. By adding a hiring process to the ‘To Do List’ are your employees going to find time to sift through CVs, attend interviews and train efficiently?


Following on from this, putting time and money into hiring during January can set you back for the rest of the year. Then to continue training throughout January/February can set you back even further. Make the most of the quiet, calm atmosphere during December and get trainees ready to go full-steam ahead for the new year! It is also easier for employees to get time off during December for interviews- perfect for employers to get first pick!

Step ahead of competitors

It is the norm to hire in January and your competitors have come to the same realisation as you that you need more man power to meet the 2021 targets. Also, your soon-to-be employee is also looking at similar roles elsewhere. I can guarantee employees are considering a new job by October/November period, be one step ahead of your competitor and call out for new staff as soon as Autumn hits.

Hiring in the last quarter has proven to be a success in many organisations. It’s understandable to hire in January when employees are fresh from spending time with families, who have had time to contemplate their jobs. However, in December it is also the perfect opportunity to hire with a fine-tooth comb, train in the most effective way and have a brand-new team by the new year, saving time and money!

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