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The Perks of Working in a Small Office

26th of November 2018 | Kathleen Croskell

Just starting out on your career? Or maybe you are returning to work after being absent for a long period of time? Don’t rule out working for a small business. The chances are the office probably won’t have a pool table, gym or three different cafes to pick from. However, they offer a ‘family’ and flexible atmosphere, not to mention it’s the perfect starting block for any individual, especially in such a competitive market.

More Personable

One of the most important benefits of working for a small business is the ability to integrate with other departments and collaborate ideas. It is quite common for small offices to feel like a ‘tight knit’ community and this is something that is often absent in bigger offices. The feeling of being part of a close team can have a positive impact on your work life, be it in the office or out on a work social event!

Opportunities to broaden your skill set

In a small office it is common to merge with other departments, more hats are worn, and employees are less likely to be doing the same thing day after day as responsibilities tend to be shared. Working for a small office allows individuals to diversify their skill set, therefore, working for a small company is the best way to start climbing the career ladder, especially if it’s your first time working in an office.

Getting Noticed

Not only does it make way for outstanding work to be noticed, you’re more likely to be noticed by those who matter and receive praise for it! It has been known for business owners to have more of an ‘attachment’ to their staff and notice when first-rate work has taken place. There is a risk of becoming a ‘number’ when you work for a large organisation, meaning you’re just another employee tapping away behind a computer screen.
As with everything, there are pros as well as cons, but in this case, the positives outweigh the negatives. Small companies lay out the stepping stones for career progression and encourage a positive working environment. They are also perfect for employees returning to work as it makes room for flexibility, as you will probably find that small companies take pride in having a low staff turnover rate. You are also appreciated on a more personal level. Praise is more than a ‘thank you’ mention in the monthly newsletter, it is celebrated and discussed amongst your fellow peers, which is a more valued form of gratitude!
So, here’s to small businesses who are forever growing, and may they never lose their spot in the shadow of large organisations!

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