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The Perks of Working for a Mega Firm!

6th of December 2018 | Geri Palmer 

In the legal sector we often hear the term 'magic circle'. This term was first invented by legal journalists in the late 1990's. It defines the five top legal law firms, set apart from the rest of the UK legal market because they are all large, based in London, and have substantial international operations. So, what are the perks of working for these mega firms? Why choose to become a “number” rather than work for a small law firm where Derek from accounts knows your cat’s name?

Larger remuneration and career progression

City law firms offer higher salaries and generous compensation packages often with career progression development courses and personal development plans. They encourage their employees to undertake extra training programmes. You’ll find that larger organisations can afford to fork out the costs to get their employees onto the next level. This way, they are consistently keeping their employees on their toes with vast legal updates within an ever-altering market place. The opportunities are abundant and there is more chance of finding yourself within a high-flying career driven environment.

What to expect working in a large organisation

The work is demanding and can be heavily focused on corporate and finance departments which oversee multi-billion-pound transactions. Lawyers will work diligently into the night to complete a case. This is a career that is all-embracing, with the stamina and dedication of an alpine swift resiliently flying through your career, hungry and focused.

If you are ambitious, then joining a mega firm should be your next bold career move and you should expect a distinct hierarchy within these firms. If you are moving from a small law firm into a heavy weight firm, then it is important to remember ‘large office etiquette’. For example, it wouldn’t be appropriate to casually stroll into a partner’s office to discuss the weather forecast.

Surrounded by well-credentialed colleagues you can be sure to be amongst the most qualified lawyers, paralegals and support staff; since the top tier firms can afford to be picky about who they recruit and will insist on recruiting candidates with a strong academic background. If you have had to work without a secretary, then low and behold, you can rest assure a large firm will designate a large support team throughout each department.

Location and Office

Within a charming and accessible location, you can enjoy a challenging workload dealing with a diverse client base at your disposal. Enveloped within these large law firms you may find employees have access to modern gymnasiums and a choice of café. These firms have the mind-set that keeping employees healthy and balanced will maximise production.

Name recognition

Working for a well-known leading law firm looks good on a C.V. Maybe this particular firm isn’t the one for you. Chances are the name will hold its own status and will help greatly when you find yourself in the position looking for a career move.

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