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Long-term unemployment and taking that fearful career jump!

8th of January 2019 | Geri Palmer 

It is a daunting prospect if you have been out of employment for any amount of time, whether because of redundancy or personal reasons. Dealing with the stigma of unemployment can easily put you on a downward spiral triggering self-doubt and anxiety.

Baby Steps

Most firms would rather employ someone who has been out of work for less than six months but unfortunately depending on your circumstances you could have been unemployed for longer than this. Feeling like you are in a “catch 22” situation isn’t healthy for your overall mental well-being so make the decision to change your mindset. Do not feel discouraged. It’s common to feel like you are stuck in a rut; long-term job hunting can come with peer pressure and financial worries. Stay positive by making good use of your time! Even if you aren’t ready for employment, volunteering is a good way to get back into a routine. Most individuals who return to work after a long period of time struggle to get back into a routine – once this is conquered, that’s half the battle won. So even if you have to settle for a role that isn’t perfect, getting yourself back on the employment ladder will boost your confidence and relieve some of the financial pressures. Even if it’s voluntary, you’re changing your mindset on employment and that itself is progress!

Contemplating moving jobs

Are you the main breadwinner? Supporting a young family can make you feel uneasy about making that career leap. Understandably you probably feel “safe” in your current role and the risk outweighs the ambition to strive for better. Are you missing out on larger remuneration, are your family missing out on holidays, a bigger house, and overall better lifestyle but you are afraid of jumping ship in case it doesn’t work out? Life is a risky business and sometimes we find ourselves torn between these life changing decisions. Ultimately, it’s your decision to make. Do your research and stay focused on the goal. Over 40% of employees are considering a career change in 2019, with 46% of people last year leaving a job due to lack of career progression opportunities. The average person changes jobs 10 to 15 times during his or her career. With the average employee tenure at 4.2 years, it is more important than ever to update your employment status and is becoming an ongoing process, rather than something you do once or twice during your career. Know your worth. If a company doesn’t appreciate you, then the grass will most likely be greener on the other side.

Recruitment agencies

Law Staff Legal Recruitment can ease the stress out of your job search by using our vast network of contacts to help find you the perfect role. We can tailor your CV for the role you’re applying for by highlighting your talents that match the skill set. With over 80 years combined legal recruitment experience in our office we are exceptionally knowledgeable and familiar with the current market place.

Overcoming initial fears of rejection and staying motivated

Always ask for feedback from an interview, even if you don’t get the job use constructive criticism to improve and put it into practise for the next interview. Try not to dwell on it, many people do not get the job because they are over qualified so expect to be invited to many interviews. Fill your diary with the task of getting as many interviews as possible, making this your ultimate “goal”. Do your research and stay professional. Researching a firm is essential and with the internet at your fingertips searching for vital information is easier than ever before. If you are really struggling then as mentioned before it could be time to consider doing some voluntary work, this can build new connections and will make you feel productive as well as giving the impression you have a reliable work ethic to your next employer. It will also give you purpose and get you into a good routine for when you do land that dream job.

Online platforms

Get connected online. Twitter is a massive social media platform that most recruiters use to advertise the most recent and most sought-after careers. 79% of job seekers find jobs on social media and 73% of employers find candidates on social media, so make sure your online profile is gleaming. Follow law firms and be on trend with the latest news updates keeping you in the loop so you are not completely in the dark when you join that new team. LinkedIn is another platform to immerse yourself in. Add your previous work experience to your profile so that potential employers can search for you and peruse your skills. Stay focused and be persistent. Commit to making the change because only you can make your life a master piece – Law Staff can help by putting you in the frame, so get in touch today. Your life does not get better by chance - it gets better by change!

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