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Staying Healthy in the Office

25th of April 2019 | Geri Palmer

With the long bank holiday Easter weekend giving us a sneak preview at summer, I feel a sense of inspiration to get healthy sweeping through the Law Staff office. Last week I was introduced to Chia seeds and health benefits of adding these to your yogurt, every day is a learning curve. Whether you are a gym fanatic or not, getting fit while working in an office environment can be challenging. Implementing one or two minor changes to your daily routine can make a world of difference to your general health and welfare.

I wonder how many gym members have fallen off the wagon since the beginning of January? If you have, this is the right time to start over. Summer looks to be in view so get motivated as you contemplate those long, dreamy summer breaks.

With modern technology we now have the means to monitor our health to a larger degree. Fit bits and apple watches are very popular. Colleagues are often discussing their results comparing daily steps and sleep patterns; It is especially exciting when you gain a star for sleeping more than 6 hours at night!

It is hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule particularly when you work long office hours. Nonetheless there are certain things you can do, once you have got through the epic mountain of Easter eggs that is! I notice someone in our office has delivered some of theirs to the “treats table” in an ingenious attempt to offload them. Start by bringing in healthy snacks to work such as fruit, nuts, natural yogurt and salads for lunch. Buy a reusable water bottle and drink plenty of water, team up with a colleague and measure your water intake together. A little healthy competition in the office is always good and naturally we tend to cut out tea and coffee as the weather warms.

Take a break every hour. If you have a fit bit you can set it up to remind you to move, even it means just walking to the other side of the office and back or make a mental note to get up from your desk every hour. Refilling your water bottle is a good excuse to take those extra steps which are more important than you might think. Taking extra steps daily can improve your sleep and your mood, sharpen the mind and reduce the chance of long-term mental disease, as it increases blood flow to the brain. Take a stroll on your lunch break and if you have stairs in the office, make sure you take the stairs rather than using the lift.


The future market is already exploring ways of getting “keep fit” routines into the office and you can now buy under desk elliptical (cross trainer) exercise equipment in the form of “Desk Cycles”. Sounds crazy, but at the same time I think this could be the next innovation for all office employees.

Focus on making one or two healthy changes a week. I would highly recommend joining a class in the evening such as Pilates or aqua fit as these are fairly easy and relaxing ways of exercising. They are also mindful ways of bringing your attention back to focusing on the present moment which induces calm and therefore makes you feel better. Joining classes means you are more likely to attend, mentally prepare yourself and find reasons to go rather than finding excuses not to go. Gyms have apps now, too, so you can easily book classes online. There is a full range of classes available to suit everyone. If you can not leave the house in the evening due to child care or transport, then consider doing just quick 5-minute fitness videos in the comfort of your own home. Everyone has 5 minutes of free time however busy youare.

Law Staff are doing a 10K charity walk this June! Suggest doing a fundraiser in your office, as it is a great way to enhance working relationships, encourage team building as well as getting fit.

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