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Spotlight on... Tim Holden - Senior Recruitment Consultant

31st October 2019


What is your background in recruitment before joining us?

Back in 1995, I started my first position in recruitment joining a team of six employees at a single office recruiter and filling a range of vacancies for field salespeople. When I left the company, there were 150 employees in different branches – the company had dramatically expanded with offices in London, Leeds and Paris. I worked within a mix of industries – aerospace & defence and later TV & film.

What attracted you to work at Law Staff?

My move was based on Law Staff’s successful positioning in the legal recruitment market. I am impressed by the company’s dedication to addressing legal industry staffing needs and the strong team ethos which is cultivated by our managing director Marcus Stevens. Marcus founded the business in 2002 and has successfully built a leading legal recruitment consultancy, which continues to rise above the competition in the delivery of an expertly designed service.

How have you found the onboarding experience as a new Law Staff Recruitment Consultant?

Excellent - I have joined at a time of expansion and development following Law Staff’s recent office move and the implementation of a new CRM system, an innovative tool for our overall operations management. New ideas are really taken onboard here, and processes are constantly being updated to improve the client and candidate experience. Overall, I am enjoying collaborating with the team on how to maximise our resources and continue to exceed expectations as a specialist legal recruiter.

What are some highlights of your time so far in your new role?

I have dedicated most of this initial month in my new role to sourcing and filling vacancies in top London law firms. These are sought-after roles in a range of legal disciplines, so I have been listening carefully to our clients’ needs and using our extensive database of over 28,000 legal professionals to match candidates to vacancies. My own focus at present is on top tier, Legal 200 and 500 ranked firms based in London, which forms part of Law Staff’s overall expertise in the full range of legal practices and in-house departments across the country.

What motivates you at work?

Exceeding the expectations of both clients and candidates is a key motivator in my work. Additionally, whenever you start a new job there is a learning curve aspect, even if you have years of experience in the area of work. So, I am motivated by the exchange of new ideas and best practice in order to develop further within the world of recruitment - a continuously evolving industry.

How would you like to progress in your role at Law Staff?

I am keen to hit my first-year revenue target and go forward from there. I think career progression is definitely a benefit for staff here, as we are part of a well-established legal recruiter which enjoys loyal and repeat business twinned with regular new business successes – this makes our own work in maintaining and growing that client and candidate base even more impactful.

Is there someone or something that inspires you in your daily life?

My son Oliver aged 10. Oliver always inspires me in everything I do, so I must make sure I provide everything he needs to enjoy growing up and make the most of the time when he wants to do things with his old dad!

How do you spend your time outside work?

Outside work, I spend time looking after Oliver and accompanying him to a range of sports activities – Oliver plays a lot of sport, including playing football for Norwich City.

How do you see the world of recruitment progressing in ten years?

Technology is progressing at a fast rate and this impacts on recruitment by improving the tools available to match clients with candidates. Technology speeds up candidate introductions and we are always developing our ability to reach the right candidate, at the right time, for the right vacancy. Overall, I believe the foundations we base our business on will remain just as important; technology enhances our goals and assists us on the path to successfully achieving them.

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