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How can we encourage a green lifestyle within the office?

30th of January 2019 | Kathleen Croskell

The future of our planet is in great jeopardy.
You hear about it on the news, it's on your newsfeeds and the brilliant David Attenborough has been spreading awareness more than ever, so you’ll notice how vividly it is becoming a worry to us. Our heart’s break when we see turtles being rescued from a fishing net, penguins coughing up plastic straws or more famously, a pilot whale carrying her dead new born calf that had died from plastic poisoning. Without a doubt everyone wants to help, but realistically, how much can we do?

Water Bottles

In the UK, 13 billion bottles are used a year and only 7.5 billion are recycled. So where is the other half going? I can almost guarantee they’re floating in our oceans, contaminating our marine life. So how do you stop the habit of just picking up a water bottle on your lunch break? Two words, funky bottles! Trendy reusable bottles are everywhere, from Chilly Bottles, to the famous Love Island bottles, from 1 litre gym bottles to personalised bottles – the choice is endless. In fact, you could argue that reusable bottles are in fashion!

Plastic Straws

A scary statistic has hit the headlines recently, by 2050 there will be more plastic (in weight) than fish in the ocean. Straws are good for our teeth but are known for choking our wildlife.
Just like reusable bottles, you can now get reusable straws that fold up to fit your handbag/wallet or attach as a keyring for as cheap as 90p! You will also see restaurants, bars and cafés offer bamboo and paper straws instead of plastic straws. If everyone made this small change and cut out single use plastic in their day to day lives, there could be a different statistic for 2050.

Make it Official

Encourage your colleagues to make a small life style change and show them the importance of having a green perspective. Have discussions on how the office can do better and put it in your policy that your business is environmentally focused. This will also reflect well in your local community and have a positive effect on your company’s reputation.

Encouraging a positive workplace wellness through a mindful and healthy office environment, to allowing your team members to think of the bigger picture, encouraging environmentally conscious practices in the workplace will help your employees feel healthier, more satisfied with your company and more driven to thrive at work. Most importantly, the benefit of leaving a lasting impression of environmental impact for your organisation will stay for generations to come.

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