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Simon Shorter - Senior Associate Recruitment Consultant

Starting off in the Accountancy Recruitment team, our now Senior Recruitment Consultant, Simon has been with Law Staff since 2006.
Simon is renowned for achieving the high standards set out by the agencies on a daily basis and hitting placement targets annually.
After 7 years and with the Company’s strategic growth in the market Simon worked his way up to being Senior Recruitment Consultant, where he managed his own team of four consultants and two Marketing Executives.
Simon set himself challenges not with targets and interviews, but to offer leadership, guidance and advice to develop his team’s core skills and working knowledge to be able to run their own busy recruitment caseloads and hit their own KPI’s.
Simon still enjoys the day to day interaction with candidates and clients, be it making new relationships or repeat clients.
Simon holds the ability to change lives for the better and also assist clients to grow and develop their organisations.

What do you love about working at Law Staff as a company?

That you feel part of a wider family within the team, banter and fun. 

If I was a cartoon Character I would be…. And why?

Marshal BraveStarr, powers include the strength of a bear,
speed of a puma, eyesight of a hawk and the hearing of a wolf.


Phone Simon: Direct Dial: 01954 208 075
Email Simon by Clicking Here


Candidate 042758

I was delighted to hear back so soon from Simon and he seemed to appreciate and understand how this company would be a good fit for me.
Many thanks

Candidate 039179

Simon Shorter went above and beyond the call of duty to tie me up with a local firm whom were recruiting. He did what he could to get my foot in the door by answering the hirer's questions and concerns immediately. He feedback within 1/2 hour of the appointment and had a job offer to me by the close of play.
Best Agency thus far.