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Ryan Cotton - Senior Recruitment Consultant

Holding a strong background in Marketing, our youngest Senior Recruitment Consultant, Ryan has been with the company since 2014.
Ryan is an excellent representation of Law Staff Legal Recruitment with his flawless customer service and enthusiasm.
He agrees that no two shifts are the same as he faces day to day challenges within his job, and he thrives on that fact.
He gets immense satisfaction from helping candidates with different backgrounds and experience and helping them find their dream career.
Having obtained his Marketing Degree at the University of Northwestern Ohio, Ryan puts his Marketing Skills to work when he writes articles for his LinkedIn account.

What’s your favourite part of your role here at Law Staff?

Getting an ever growing insight into the human psyche. 

If I could be a Movie Star I would be…. And why?

Liam Neeson, he has a particular set of skills that would often be useful!


Phone Ryan: Direct Dial: 01954 208 063
Email Ryan by Clicking Here


Kerman & Co

"Can I just say too, I really appreciate the way you send your emails with the candidate’s name and role in the email subject, and the information contained in your covering email.  This is exactly what I’m always asking agents to do … it makes it so much easier to remain organised (particularly if there are a couple of jobs on the go)."

Fletcher Day

"I have been really happy with the experience, and I would like to recommend to the senior partner that we continue using you moving forward."