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Mostaque Ahmed - Recruitment Consultant

Mostaque joined Law Staff in 2017 as a Recruitment Consultant. He saw an opportunity to use his skillset and transfer it into a rewarding industry.

He has a diploma in HR and Recruitment in Business. He’s also able to build a rapport with clients, and always delivers flawless customer service. His ability to meet targets and deadlines and spot potential opportunities for candidates make him an asset to the team.

Mostaque enjoys the day to day interactions with candidates and clients. He takes great pride in securing new roles for candidates and helping them progress with their careers. He believes that customer satisfaction is the greatest reward in his role.

Outside of work, you will find Mostaque at the gym, building strength and coaching beginners. He also used to play rugby.

What motivates you at work?

“My family.”

What’s your hidden talent?

“I can wiggle my ears and make my chest twerk.”