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Marcus Stevens - Managing Director

With a Diploma in Recruitment Leadership and a personal REC Accreditation, it’s no surprise that our Law Staff Director and Founder, Marcus, holds twenty years’ experience within Recruitment and Management.
Naturally being very proud of his company’s growth and development, Marcus keeps his team motivated throughout the year with bonus schemes and fundraising events for everyone to take part in.
Along with his many responsibilities and duties, Marcus especially enjoys presenting and designing new projects that come to a fruitful conclusion, being innovative and staying ahead of our competitors in the marketplace.
At Law Staff we understand that no role is too small. One of Marcus’s favourite parts about working here at Law Staff is when his colleagues change the lives of candidates by sourcing them a new opportunity.

 What do you love about working at Law Staff as a company?

  I love making a positive change in people’s lives, it’s the reason I  started the company and has been my mantra ever since.

If I could be a Movie Star I would be…. And why?

I’d be Captain Philips, a real life sailor who highlights my passion for sailing.
A real life hero who led his crew through turbulent waters and protected them from hostile invaders,
using his wits to make sure everyone survives and returns home safely.
(Plus Tom Hanks played him, and he’s one of the best there is!)