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Lucy Stevens - Director & Head of Recruitment Projects

Joining Law Staff in February 2008, Lucy quickly cemented herself as an invaluable member of both the marketing and wider team alike.
Her attention to detail and previous editorial experience means it is no surprise Lucy has created some descriptive and eye-catching material,
a process which has become one of the most rewarding parts of her role.
Always keen to develop her knowledge of the legal sector further, Lucy enjoys researching different marketing strategies thus allowing her to tailor her work to the specific projects she is currently working on.

Lucy has turned her skills to developing the Marketing & Business Development and has gained and developed many skills within Marketing.
Previously working in the community helping charities,
her fine eye for detail has allowed her to quickly take on all aspects of the Marketing Executive role.

Loving the creativity within her role at Law Staff, Lucy plays a key role in promoting the company internally and externally and receiving and analysing client and candidate feedback
regarding the service the consultants has provided.

What do you love about working at Law Staff as a company? 

I love the sense of teamwork and family ethic at Law Staff that we all contribute to, as this productive way of working enables us to draw upon our shared skills and expertise to deliver a high level of service to our clients and candidates.  

What’s your favourite part of your role here at Law Staff? 

I love the creative and analytical part of my job, collecting positive data and promoting the company across many platforms!

If I was a cartoon Character I would be... And why?

I would be Minnie Mouse because she loves Mickey and I think Marcus is like Mickey.