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Emma King - Recruitment Assistant (In-House Baker)


Emma joined Law Staff in the early months of 2018 and she made a good impression on her first day when she rocked up with a ‘Bake-Off’ worthy cake!
With her previous experience working as a data administrator at a forensic investigation company, Emma jumped head first into her workload here and has taken to it like a duck to water!
Alongside her excellent eye for detail and her can-do attitude, Emma always brings a bubbly and positive atmosphere into the office, and you would too if you saw her baked goodies!

What Motivates you at work?

Lots of variety in the work I do so that you never know what each day holds.  I find working with friendly and helpful people also makes it feel less like being at work!

If I had to eat the same thing every day it would be….and why?

It would be either chocolate or cake I think as I love them both equally or maybe I would choose chocolate cake to combine the two!