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Charlie Bonnefond-White - Marketing Executive

 Charlie joined us in April 2019 and with him he has brought his fresh-out-of-university knowledge.
He has one and a half years’ experience in marketing, and he claims to have loved every moment of his time in marketing!
As well as experience in marketing, Charlie has a degree in Business Management with Finance.
With his love for numbers, he takes the numeracy that he has picked up on throughout this degree
and applies it to marketing as and when he can.
Charlie is also half French and likes to fight people with swords for fun!
Bonne chance, Charlie! Bienvenue dans l'équipe!

What motivates you at work?

I would say one of my biggest motivators is results.
Being able to make a visible difference within a work environment is something that I have always found to be really satisfying,
and always drives me to better my performance in whatever way I can.

If I could listen to only one song for the rest of my life it would be … and why?

Stressed Out by 21 Pilots. To me, it represents the fact that dreams are achievable with hard work,
and that imagination is very important. It also says to me that we are our own harshest critics, and that sometimes we should be nicer to ourselves.